Welcome to our website which focuses on martial arts and different types of historical weaponry. We have a variety of intriguing articles to enjoy which will inform the reader on this extensive subject. Our main focus in terms of weapons is on the ones that were popular during the violent Middle Ages.

It is our hope that once a reader has gone through each of these articles they will have a much broader knowledge on weapons and the different types of martial arts. Those who are studying history and P.E. will find this website particularly useful. We have made the language and terminology as simple as possible for people. You don’t need a degree to know what we’re talking about but our articles are still educational.

Contents Of This Site

In terms of the martial arts we cover on this site, our articles include krav maga, taekwondo and karate. We discuss what separates taekwondo and karate, explaining their various differences.

We also give a broad history of the fighting style known as krav maga. In recent years this has become very popular in Western cultures. It mixes several popular combat sports to create an effective hybrid. We go into the ethos behind this and why it is considered to be so effective.

We dedicate an entire section to mixed martial arts. In this we talk about how it has gained popularity in recent years. This article also goes into how people can bet on an MMA match. This part of the section is perfect for those who are interested in gambling. It gives really helpful information on the sites and services available to the public.

In terms of weaponry we have an abundance of information to offer. Our article on swords talks about how this implement has changed and developed along with warfare. It focuses on the swords of medieval Europe and feudal Japan. This will be of particular interest to those who are fascinated by the well known katana. Daggers are also discussed in a separate section, with information on early examples of them.

We also have an article on projectile weapons. Bow and arrows were extremely popular during the Dark Ages. We talk about the reasons for this. We do the same for crossbows too. Despite being less widely used, blowguns are similarly discussed. This part of the site will interest those who like the subjects of historical combat and engineering.