Differences Between Karate And Taekwondo


Karate and taekwondo are two of the most popular forms of martial arts in the entire world. Some people make the mistake of considering the two sports synonymous with each other. However, they are actually very different fighting styles.

There are training centres for both in a number of countries. It is fairly easy to learn the basics of either of them. However, it takes years to fully master the various principles and moves. Choosing the right one will depend on an individual’s own needs.

Whichever a person decides to practice they are sure to enjoy the levels of self improvement that both encourage. This is because karate and taekwondo are not just about fighting and defence. They are also about developing a better sense of being in the self.

Discipline is an important aspect of both martial arts. When people learn one of these they are taught mental focus and patience. In the case of karate the sport goes beyond simply combat. It is an entire way of living.


Both taekwondo and karate have a number of similarities. This has led to some confusion as to what separates them. Both of these martial arts focus on the self discipline of the practitioner. Users advance as they complete an increasingly high standard of personal conduct and skill.

They are also both competitive sports to a certain degree. However, this is just one aspect of each of them. There are plenty of other ways in which the two are entirely different.

In terms of fighting moves, taekwondo puts much more emphasis on kicking. On the other hand karate is mostly hand-based. Their nations of origin are also different. Taekwondo comes from Korea, whereas karate has its roots in Japan and China.

Each are similar in that there are a number of known moves, or forms, to learn. In taekwondo these are referred to as “poomsae”. In karate they are called kata. Unlike karate, taekwondo is an official Olympic sport and has been for some time. However, there have been recent proposals to include karate in future games.

The stance and posture that a karate practitioner must master is completely different to that of taekwondo. In the case of the latter, fighters make use of fast kicking and a broad variety of blocking moves. However, karate is not just hand focused. Knee and elbow strikes also play an important role.