Types of Historical Martial Arts

Although warfare during the medieval period was not pleasant, the weaponry and fighting techniques employed during the war cannot be ignored. The martial arts used in the war have gradually evolved into hybrid moves after being combined with styles from different parts of the universe. Many people are interested in learning fighting methods, while others are more curious concerning the weaponry. Among the numerous historical fighting styles, here are a few types that are still taught today.


Taekwondo originated from Korea, and its primary focus is usually kicking that aims on points above the waist. Some standard kicks in taekwondo include; head-high, jump kicking and spinning kicks. While learning the art, great emphasis is put on the importance of politeness, persistence, honesty and self-control. A taekwondo instructor is referred to as ‘Sabom’ by the learners. Taekwondo is among the most prevalent historical martial arts of all time, and it continues to blossom with every generation.


Karate is a Japanese fighting art and an instructor teaching the technique is referred to as ‘Sensei.’ Karate was derived from Kung-fu, and hence it focuses on whole body moves. In this art, fighters are trained to develop well-balanced bodies and minds. Students are highly discouraged from picking fights and instead focus on preventing attacks instead of having actual conflicts. People could learn karate at different ages, and the average starting age for children is six years. If you like football, you may have a look at the qualifying countries.

Krav Maga

Krav Maga is mostly a self-defence system that originated from Israel. The art is mainly taught to the military and defence forces. Krav Maga is quite aggressive and efficient because it is a hybrid of various fighting styles. The mixing of western boxing and the historical martial arts yielded a compelling fighting style. This fighting technique is most compatible with the world today, and hence most people are eager to learn it.