What are Your Self-Defence Options in Australia?

Self-defence is a grey area in Australia. You can’t carry anything that could pass for a weapon. It would warrant an arrest and attract a hefty fine or jail time. So, what are your self-defence options in the country? Well, they are not many. The only priority here is to avoid dying in the face of danger.

Learn Martial Arts

Learning martial arts seems to be the only real self-defence option for Australians. The idea is to get out of a bad situation and not to kill the offender. Some instructors, however, will teach their students how to use common objects as defensive weapons. Take a steel barreled pen, for example. It can push through plywood, and it would easily pass for an everyday object. Want to know more about self-defence ideas? Tune in to Unibet TV Australia and watch martial artists in action.

Flee the Scene as Fast as Possible

The safest option for any Aussie in danger is to run. It does not matter how good you are at fighting; give the offender whatever they want and leave. The last thing you want is to get into a situation where someone gets hurt. You would have to face the consequences of your actions in a court of law, and that rarely ends well.

Get a Licensed Gun

This one might seem a little overboard but stay with me. Guns are highly restricted in Australia, and self-defence is not one of the reasons you’ll the license. They will only give a permit to hunters and range shooters. And, these lucky people have to keep their firearms unloaded and locked away in a gun safe. In case of a nasty home invasion, you could fire the weapon to scare away intruders or go for a limb if the situation escalates. The idea is to avoid taking a life, no matter how bad the incident looks.